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I love painting, photography, children and nature. If you would like to visit my Facebook page, it is Keryn Bloxham Artist. Or simply Google Keryn Bloxham :) I hope you enjoy reading through the blogs here. For other artists I sometimes include a few tips which I hope you find helpful when creating your own art :) Keryn

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Misty Morning

I painted this scene with oils on a canvas panel in 2009 when I studied art with Graham Braddock.  One of my goals was to learn to paint trees and scenery better.  I was pretty pleased with the end result. Original was approximately A4
A note to artists, painting on canvas panels is possibly easier than stretched canvas as you don't need to paint the edges, however, I often find that they don't look that great unframed, whereas a stretched canvas looks fine hung as is...


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